What is Ethical Reading?

Ethical Reading is a new not-for-profit social enterprise with a mission to help embed ethics into the way we live and work in Reading.

We want to encourage organisations of all kinds and their and employees to make more ethical choices. We’ll do this by bringing people together at events with inspirational speakers and opportunities to share ideas, and by providing access to thought-provoking training resources.

Join Us

We’re keen to engage with anyone who is concerned about business ethics and ethical behaviour in the workplace, here in Reading and further afield.

Our Events

Each month we hold a free evening meetup in central Reading focusing on a particular ethical topic.  Find out when our next event takes place.

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Embracing ethics at work

By embedding ethics into the way they work day to day, organisations can make a more positive impact on employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment.   We also believe that taking an ethical approach to financial control and governance can have a positive effect on an organisation’s own finances as well as the wider economy.

We want to encourage people in Reading to incorporate ethical values into the DNA of the organisations they belong to.  Find out more about our visions and aims.

While our initial focus is on our own local area, we believe that people and organisations everywhere could benefit from a greater focus on ethical values. Find out more about the concept of Ethical Cities

Join us on this exciting journey.

Brighter and ethical Workplaces

UK workplaces face significant mental health challenges, with stress often causing and exacerbating mental heath problems. The human cost is huge, with poor mental health having an impact on the lives of many individuals and those around them.

Ethical Reading and Brighter Berkshire have come together to help tackle this in organisations in and around Reading.

Let’s work together

Whichever organisations you’re involved with and whatever your role, we need your help to make Ethical Reading a success.

So whether you’re the CEO of a corporation, an intern at a start-up, a volunteer at a charity or work in the public sector, if this sparks your interest, we’d love you to become a member. Although our focus is mainly on Reading and the surrounding area, you don’t necessarily need a connection with Reading to join and get involved. All are welcome!

We’re also looking for organisations to join us as partners and to sponsor events.

We’re proud to be working with our Partners and Supporters

Ethical Reading is a new not-for-profit social enterprise. We need your support in order to create online training resources and to continue running inspiring events and raising awareness of ethical issues. Thank you!